McGregor Wine Estate

Clan Macgregor

The Clan Gregor is a Highland Scottish clan. Outlawed for nearly two hundred years after losing their lands in a long power struggle with the Clan Campbell, the Clan Gregor claims descent from the third son of Kenneth MacAlpin, the first King of Scotland, a descent which is proclaimed in the motto, ‘S Rioghal Mo Dhream, translated as Royal is my Race.

The Robertson Wine Valley is the home of many of South Africa’s finest wines. In a new initiative over the last decade, the planting of red varieties in prime vineyards has enhanced the region’s reputation as a producer and exporter of world-class wines.
Some of the Cape top estate wines as well as many of South Africa’s leading wine brands are from wineries in this area.

The mighty Breede (Wide) River is one of the keys to the fertility of the Robertson Wine Valley.
The lime-rich soils, the loamy alluvial soils, the rich clay Karoo soils and the abundant sunny climate cooled by night-time breezes create the ideal conditions for growing fine wines.

Founded by a handful of wine producers twenty years ago, the Robertson Wine Valley organisation has grown into a dynamic association of 47 wine producers – from century-old wine farms to specialist boutique cellars.

Building on the diverse strengths of its members, the association works together in a cooperative spirit to continuously improve quality and to generically promote the wines of origin Robertson.

McGregor Wine Estate

McGregor village lies across the Breede River from Robertson, sheltered by the Langeberg Mountains to the north and the Riversonderend to the south.

It was settled by the Rev. Andrew McGregor in 1861 and this Scottish heritage is apparent in both the architecture of the village and the labelling of the wine.

In the vineyards and cellars however, thoroughly modern techniques are employed to produce wines with excellent fruit and character. Careful canopy management and an ideal climate produce high quality fruit on 680 hectares of vineyard.

Vinification is carried out at cool temperatures and with clean juice to produce lively, vibrant wines.

McGregor white wines are crisp, fresh and very drinkable. The reds are warm, soft and ripe with good fruit and structure.

Situated next to the serene town of the same name in the Robertson Valley, lies the McGregor Winery, which has been producing wine since 1950.
In May 2004, the McGregor Wine Company was established, and its aim is to promote The McGregor brand nationally and internationally.

Integral to that is a move from more than half a century of bulk trading to bottled sales.

35 producers are the main shareholders of the McGregor Wine Company.
The aim of the Company is to promote the brand “McGregor Wines” into the future. The Company is also responsible for local and international sales.
At this stage they bottle 10% of our product and they aim to increase this to 30% within the next five years.

Our aim is to make the Village of McGregor an important element in the marketing strategy of McGregor wines. The Village has an unique charm and character and it is this charisma that makes it a very special place. From there hence the slogan: “In every bottle there’s a story of a very special place…”

Our main focus is to build our national and international market and to also promote the rich history of our cellar of which we are proud, and in doing so, further enhance the uniqueness of this address.

A village of unique charm, where city folk go to experience timeless serenity and beauty.

Where the scent of flowering fynbos fills the pure air and where you can see as far as the Langeberge to the north and the Riversonderend Mountains in the south.
The village shares the climate of the Little Karoo: hot in summer and cool to cold in winter, when the rain falls and occasionally snow shimmers in the sunshine on the encircling hills.

McGregor Hvidvine

McGregor Rødvine